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    Golden Triangle Group is a professional PCB manufacture and EMS provider.

    Golden Triangle PCB, founded in early 2004, is a full service PCB manufacturer with over 14 years experience. We are specializing in high mix, low/medium volume and quick turn prototypes for R&D. Our products are widely used in telecommunication, computer application, industrial control, high – end consumer electronics, medical treatment, military product, etc. With over 600 employees in factories, more than 10,000 square meters production area and around 40,000sq.m production capability, it gives us unrivalled supply capabilities in China and assist us in delivering Golden Service levels to our current and future customers at home and abroad.


    To supply added value, GT EMS was founded at Wuhan in 2014 with investment of 26 million RMB. Equipped with many first-class equipment and high precision production lines, it specializes in SMT, THT,manual welding and box building aiming to become a world known EMS provider.

    Believing in the business philosophy of “Customer First, People Orientated” and adhering to the enterprise spirit of “Quality, Brand, Profession, Dedication”, Golden Triangle Group is moving forward concept innovation, technology innovation and management innovation. This will make us become the world’s leading services company to meet the rapid development.


    Líneas de negocios

    Por lo tanto, llevamos a cabo y crear un puente, lo que convierte su concepto o diseño en un producto y el presente delante de los clientes, ofreciendo soluciones de fabricación fiables y soporte de ingeniería, incluyendo introducción de nuevos productos (NPI), la placa de circuito impreso (PCB) de diseño, Impreso Asamblea de circuito (PCBA), la carcasa soluciones (plástico y mental).




    (Target market: 1pcs~200sq.m/lot with high quality and services requirements)

    Estamos ofreciendo servicios de fabricación de PCB y montaje de seguir grandes clientes en todo el mundo.

    Estamos plenamente comprometidos a convertirse en su socio de servicios de fabricación electrónica fiable.

    Vamos a trabajar juntos para fullfil sus objetivos de mercado.

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