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Type: Home Appliance PCBA Copper Thickness: 1-4 Oz
Supplier Type: PCB Assembly Manufacturer Application: Home Appliances
Surface Finishing: HASL\OSP\immersion Gold Material: FR4 /aluminum/ceramic CEM1
High Light:

4oz pcba manufacturing


1oz pcba manufacturing


FR4 prototype pcb assembly

Product Description

Electric Heater PCBA PCB Assembly 7 Years PCBA Factory With R&D Manufacturer.


Description Capability


1-12 Layers

Base Material 



OEM Services Provided


FR4 /aluminum/ceramic CEM1

Surface Finishing 

HASLOSPimmersion Gold



An Electric Heater PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) refers to the electronic control board that manages the operation and functionality of an electric heater. It is responsible for controlling the heating elements, temperature regulation, safety features, and user interface components. Here's a description of the key aspects of an Electric Heater PCBA:


Control and Regulation: The Electric Heater PCBA controls the heating elements of the electric heater. It manages the power supply to the heating elements, ensuring the desired temperature is reached and maintained. The PCBA incorporates temperature sensors to monitor the temperature and adjusts the power output accordingly to maintain the desired heat level.


Safety Features: Safety is a crucial aspect of an Electric Heater PCBA. It incorporates various safety features to prevent overheating, short circuits, or other potential hazards. This can include thermal fuses, overheat protection, tip-over protection, and fault detection mechanisms to ensure safe operation and prevent accidents.


Power Management: Efficient power management is essential for electric heaters to optimize energy consumption. The PCBA may include power management features such as sleep mode or energy-saving modes to reduce power usage when the heater is not actively heating.


PCB Design and Components: The Electric Heater PCBA is designed with a specific layout and arrangement of components on the printed circuit board. It includes micro-controllers, temperature sensors, power management circuits, relays, resistors, capacitors, and other electronic components necessary for controlling and regulating the electric heater.


Thermal Management: Proper thermal management is critical for electric heaters to prevent overheating and ensure safe and reliable operation. The PCBA design includes measures to dissipate heat effectively, such as thermal pads, vias, and copper pours to distribute heat away from sensitive components.

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