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Back Drill----One Kind of Special Depth Control Drilling

June 28, 2024

Latest company news about Back Drill----One Kind of Special Depth Control Drilling

Back Drill is one kind of special depth control drilling.


For exmaple, when making a 6L PCB, to conduct the electric signal from 1L to 6L, we usually drill through hole and then copper plating. But if we only need electric conduction from 1L to 3L, the STUB, a part of via copper doesn’t connect with electric signal from 4L to 6L, has to be removed.


Are you curious about the reason?

The useless copper will functions like a antenna, generating signal radiation to interfere surrounding important signal, which will result in reflection, dispersion, delay etc. of signal transmission. It may even effect normal operation of electric line system. Therefore, the redundant part will be drilled out from the board back, which is usually named as back drill during PCB manufacture.


As a printed circuit maker over 16 years, GT is experienced in back drill process. If you have such requirement, fell free to contact us.

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