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Board Circuiter -- BGA

July 3, 2024

Latest company news about Board Circuiter -- BGA

Ball Grid Array (BGA for short) is one kind of package method for organic substrate.


Features of BGA as follow.

-- High-density pins. In case of same size of package, BGA will adopt more pins, which more easily realizes connection of complicated circuit, and miniaturizes electronics.

-- Better electrical performance. The short and thin pins make the signal transmission path shorten, and make parasitic inductance & capacitance less, which reduce signal delay & distortion.

-- Better heat dispersion. The contact area of between the IC in BGA package and the board is bigger, which is beneficial to heat dispersion.


Therefore, BGA is widely applied in IC package, the used in electronics such as computer processor, image processor, memory chip.


To gain reliable adhesive force, the diameter of BGA pad is usually smaller than solder ball’s. and the diameter is reduced by 20% - 25%. The bigger pad, the smaller space to wire between two pads.



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