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Circuit Maker---- Rigid-flexible PCB

May 31, 2024

Latest company news about Circuit Maker---- Rigid-flexible PCB

Have you seen a rigid-flexible printed circuit board with flexible layer at external layer?

Do you know the fabrication difficulty of such kind of rigid-flexible PCB?


Let GT shows you a 6L rigid-flexible PCB.


latest company news about Circuit Maker---- Rigid-flexible PCB  0

Its flexible area is at external layer, which is a little test for a PCB manufactory,

because the high temperature caused by laser drilling easily makes flexible layer black.

Proudly, GT always does well in such test with over 15-years experience and receives great feedback from the customers.

What's more, there is via on via in the board.

To acheive that, first we drill out mechanical buried via between 2L & 3L,

then fill the via with resin and plate it over, finally drill out laser blind via between 1L & 2L.


GT team always devotes to offer high quality electronic manufacturing services.


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