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Rigid-flex printed circuit board

May 15, 2024

Latest company news about Rigid-flex printed circuit board

Rigid-flex printed circuit board


1, The rigid-flex PCB can meet the electronic trend for Lightness, Thinness, Shortness and Minimization on size, combining with rigid FR4 and flexible PI material.


2, The flexible part can replace the usage of plenty of connectors and save the cost.


3, During the usage period, the flex part can be bent over 100000 times with high durability.


4, It owns excellent heat dissipation performance with the structure and assure the long shelf life of products.


5, The rigid-flex PCB has requirements about the environment, avoid the high temperature and high humidity.


6.The rigid-flex PCB is much complicated than standard rigid board or flex board, so the production cost is higher than standard printed circuit board.


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