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Testing Methods Of PCB

January 19, 2024

Latest company news about Testing Methods Of PCB


Flying Probe Test



The flying probe tester uses 4, 6, or 8 probes to perform high-voltage insulation and low-resistance continuity tests (open and short circuits of test lines) on PCB circuit boards without the need for test fixtures. Using "automatic optical focus positioning", it can monitor the testing process and fault points in real-time.



Advantages Of Flying Probe Test


1. High test density, the minimum pitch can reach 0.05mm or even smaller


2. Save the production time of the fixture, and the efficiency of proofing and shipping is higher


3. No fixture cost, low test cost



Shortcomings Of Flying Probe Test


1. The test pin breakage rate is high


2. Thin plate test is easy to jump pin


3. Only suitable for proofing


4. The pressure resistance cannot be tested, and the high-level high-density board test has a greater risk



Electric Test By Test Frame


The test frame test method relies on the test frame (that is, the fixture) to test whether there is a short circuit between the different network traces of the PCB, whether the PCB is open from the same network to each PAD, whether the visa is open, and can also perform insulation strength tests and impedance tests. Compared with the flying probe test, it is simply to make all the probes corresponding to the points on the circuit board that need to be tested at one time. When testing, the upper and lower ends can be pressed to test whether the whole board is good or bad.


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Advantages Of Electric Test By Test Frame


1. High test accuracy


2. High test efficiency, shorten test man-hours


3. One-time fee, no additional charge for return order


4. Easy to maintain later


Shortcomings Of Electric Test By Test Frame


1. High initial production cost


2. Not suitable for proofing test




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