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What is Factored in When We Calculate PCB Price

July 11, 2024

Latest company news about What is Factored in When We Calculate PCB Price


The first one is material

1. Basic material: by price from low to high, SY, KB, GDM are often used for FR-4.

2. Thickness of PCB & copper thickness: the more thicker, the more expensive.

3. Solder mask: the photosensory is more expensive than plastislo ink. the more common the colour of solder mask, the cheaper. Green solder mask is the most cheapest one.


The second one is surface treatment.

By price from low to high, it is OSP, HASL, HASL(LF), ENIG, other combined process.


The third one is thickness of copper foil. The thicker the copper foil, the more expensive

By price from low to high, it is 18um(1/2OZ), 35um(1OZ), 70um(2OZ), 105um(3OZ), 140um(4OZ) etc.


The fourth one is quality acceptance standard.

From low price to higher price, it is IPC 2, IPC 3, military standard.


The fifth one is model tooling cost and testing cost.

1. About model tooling cost, prototype or low-volume order, the outline will be gotten by drilling and milling. In large volume, it is necessary to open punching mould, which generates a cost.

2. About testing cost, flying probe is for prototype order. Batch order has been tested by E-test fixture. And the former is cheaper.


The sixth one: the bigger the order, the more cheaper.

Because no matter how big or how small the order is, all of them has to make engineering data, film artwork etc. for production.


The seventh one: the shorter the lead time, the more expensive.


Of course, these are also other many factors, such as PCB type, size, layer quantity, half-hole, hole density, impedance, edge plating, fill in and plating over process etc. And it is not the more expensive the better, the design of PCB should be according to application scenarios.


The Are you curious how much your PCB costs? Do you want to purchase plan about PCB? Ok, share us design files such Gerber files, PcbDoc files for better quotations!


latest company news about What is Factored in When We Calculate PCB Price  0

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