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Built-in ADC: 12-bit Resolution Multi-channel Operational Amplifier And PGA: Enhanced Analog Signal Processing
N+N Drive: Increased Motor Drive Capability Simplified Peripheral Circuit: Streamlined External Circuitry Requirements
Optimized Non-sense Startup Algorithm: 100% Startup Success Rate Position Sensorless Control Mode: Precise And Reliable Starting Contro
Constant Speed And Constant Power Control: Optional Control Modes Forward And Backward Wind Startup Success: 100% Startup Success In Both Directions
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Product Description

Blade blowing machine motor control solution





With the advancement of technology and the popularization of mechanized operations, it is suitable for tasks such as road surface defoliation and dust cleaning, dust and sand cleaning, and greenhouse snow removal. Golden Triangle Group has launched a blower motor control solution, which has the advantages of large air volume, low vibration, high cleaning efficiency, and simple peripheral circuits, providing a complete solution.


Performance characteristics of leaf blower solution:


> Built-in 12-bit ADC, multi-channel operational amplifier, PGA, N+N drive, simplifying the peripheral circuit

>Optimized non-sense startup algorithm, 100% startup success

>Position sensorless control mode, excellent starting control, constant speed and constant power control optional, 100% starting success in forward and backward wind start

>With power indicator, fault indicator, high and low gear switch, battery temperature detection function

>With input over-voltage and under-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, phase-to-phase short-circuit protection, phase loss protection, locked-rotor protection and other protection functions

>Meet IEC60730 CLASS B standard


Attribute Attribute Value
Built-in ADC 12-bit resolution
Multi-channel operational amplifier and PGA Enhanced analog signal processing
N+N drive Increased motor drive capability
Simplified peripheral circuit Streamlined external circuitry requirements
Optimized non-sense startup algorithm 100% startup success rate
Position sensorless control mode Precise and reliable starting control
Constant speed and constant power control Optional control modes
Forward and backward wind startup success 100% startup success in both directions
Power indicator Indicates the power status
Input over-voltage and under-voltage protection Protects against voltage fluctuations
Over-current protection Safeguards against excessive current
Over-temperature protection Prevents overheating
Phase-to-phase short-circuit protection Detects and protects against short circuits
Phase loss protection Guards against phase loss
Locked-rotor protection Prevents motor lock-ups
IEC60730 CLASS B standard compliance Meets safety and performance standards



System diagram


Blade Blowing Machine Motor Control Solution Gardening Tools Rapid PCB Prototyping 0

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