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Motor Drive Circuit: Built-in Motor Drive Circuit Peripheral Circuit Simplification: Effectively Simplifies The Peripheral Circuit
Battery Voltage Detection: Built-in High-precision 1.2V Reference Voltage For Accurate Battery Voltage Detection PWM Circuit Conversion: Allows Accurate Control Of Driving Current
Wireless Charging Communication: Integrated Wireless Charging Communication Library For Improved Charging Efficiency Standby Power Consumption: Ultra-low Power Consumption Below -3uA In Standby
Operational Amplifiers: Built-in Two Operational Amplifiers
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OEM Personal Care


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Product Description


Smart electric toothbrush solution



The smart electric toothbrush uses the built-in motor drive circuit chip of the toothbrush to make the brush head produce high-frequency swings perpendicular to the direction of the brush handle. The electric toothbrush also has a wireless charging function, which is convenient and quick to use. The smart electric toothbrush solution includes two parts: electric toothbrush control and wireless charging management. The wireless charging solution integrates a wireless charging library, which can communicate with the wireless charging board to improve charging efficiency. The solution is cost-effective, stable, and has a short development cycle. The functions can be customized based on customer needs.

Features of RISC MCU cost-effective control scheme:

> Built-in motor drive circuit, effectively simplifying the peripheral circuit

> Built-in high-precision 1.2V reference voltage, can accurately detect the battery voltage

> PWM circuit conversion to accurately control the driving current

> Integrated wireless charging communication library, can communicate with the wireless charging board, improve charging efficient


Attribute Attribute Value
Motor drive circuit Built-in motor drive circuit
Peripheral circuit simplification Effectively simplifies the peripheral circuit
Battery voltage detection Built-in high-precision 1.2V reference voltage for accurate battery voltage detection
PWM circuit conversion Allows accurate control of driving current
Wireless charging communication Integrated wireless charging communication library for improved charging efficiency

BAT32W33 Ultra Low Energy Bluetooth Solution Features:

> Standby ultra-low power consumption below -3uA

> Built-in two operational amplifiers, two PGA, simplified design

> Faster main frequency to adapt to more complex algorithms

> Complete support for BLE4.2 features

> Support Bluetooth communication debugging

> RF single-ended output, Few peripheral components


Attribute Attribute Value
Standby power consumption Ultra-low power consumption below -3uA in standby
Operational amplifiers Built-in two operational amplifiers
Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGA) Built-in two PGA for simplified design
Main frequency Faster main frequency for adapting to more complex algorithms
BLE version support Complete support for BLE4.2 features
Bluetooth debugging Support for Bluetooth communication debugging
RF output RF single-ended output with few peripheral components required

System diagram

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