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Patents: The Program Has Obtained National Product Patents PFG Module: Built-in Independent PFG Module
High Current Output: PFG Module Supports High Current Output, Saving MOS Tube Totem Pole Drive Circuit PWM Modules: Built-in 5 PWM Modules For Driving RGB Lights And Buzzers
Center Frequency Selection: Center Frequency Can Be Selected: 2.4M/3.0M/3.5M Frequency Tracking: Automatic Frequency Tracking Function
Atomizer Solutions: Provides Diversified Atomizer Solutions
High Light:

aroma diffuser solutions pcba assembly


pcba assembly aroma diffuser solutions


ODM pcb prototypes

Product Description


High-performance aroma diffuser solutions





Golden Triangle Group high-performance other-excited aroma diffuser solution, with independent high-precision PFG module to achieve high-precision automatic frequency tracking, effectively simplifying the design of peripheral circuits, providing multiple water detection methods such as touch and ultrasonic vibration, supplemented by graphical development interface, and quick import mass production.


Aroma diffuser program performance characteristics:


> The program has obtained national product patents, built-in independent PFG module

> PFG module supports high current output, which can save MOS tube totem pole drive circuit

> The center frequency can be selected 2.4M/3.0M/3.5M, automatic frequency tracking function, sweep frequency accuracy is about 0.6‰

> High atomization efficiency, good consistency of fog output, MOS tube does not get hot

> Provide touch water inspection and ultrasonic vibration water inspection solutions, with high reliability and simple peripheral circuits

> Built-in 5 PWM modules to meet the driving requirements of RGB lights and buzzers

> PFG module, touch module automatic spread spectrum function, reduce the difficulty of EMI

> Provide diversified atomizer solutions, visual development and debugging platform, greatly improve development efficiency


Attribute Attribute Value
Patents The program has obtained national product patents
PFG module Built-in independent PFG module
High current output PFG module supports high current output, saving MOS tube totem pole drive circuit
Center frequency selection Center frequency can be selected: 2.4M/3.0M/3.5M
Frequency tracking Automatic frequency tracking function
Sweep frequency accuracy Sweep frequency accuracy is about 0.6‰
Atomization efficiency High atomization efficiency
Fog output consistency Good consistency of fog output
MOS tube heat MOS tube does not get hot
Water inspection solutions Provides touch water inspection and ultrasonic vibration water inspection solutions
Reliability High reliability
Simple peripheral circuits Simple peripheral circuits required
PWM modules Built-in 5 PWM modules for driving RGB lights and buzzers
Spread spectrum function PFG module and touch module have automatic spread spectrum function to reduce EMI difficulty
Atomizer solutions Provides diversified atomizer solutions
Development platform Visual development and debugging platform provided
Development efficiency Greatly improves development efficiency



System diagram


High Performance Aroma Diffuser Solutions PCBA Assembly 0


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