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Voltage Input: 220V/110V Motor Power: 60W
Chip: SOC Start: 100% Successful Start
Control Mode 1: Non-inductive FOC Control Control Mode 2: Constant Power Ring Or Speed Ring Control Mode
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Product Description


PCBA With IPM For Hair Dryer With High Pressure, High Speed, Non-Inductive FOC


In the IPM solution for high voltage and high speed non-inductive FOC hair dryers, IPM stands for Integrated Power Module. IPM is a modular electronic component that integrates functions such as power switching components (such as MOSFET or IGBT), drive circuits, protection circuits, and other auxiliary circuits.


IPM is commonly used in high power and high voltage applications such as brushless motor drives, inverters and power systems. It is designed to provide efficient, high-performance power conversion capabilities and reduce the number of external components in the system and the complexity of the wiring.


In the high voltage and high speed non-inductive FOC hair dryer IPM solution, IPM is responsible for driving and controlling the power switching components to achieve non-inductive FOC control. IPM integrates a number of power switching devices (usually MOSFET or IGBT) as well as a matching drive circuit and protection circuit. By controlling the switching state of the power switch device inside IPM, the high voltage and high speed non-inductive FOC control of the brushless motor can be realized.


IPM has many advantages, including compact package, low resistance, low inductance, high efficiency and high reliability. By using IPM, you can simplify circuit design, improve system integration, and provide better circuit protection and thermal management capabilities, thereby improving the performance and reliability of high voltage and high speed non-inductive FOC hair dryer solutions.


Description Capability
Motor type Brushless motor
rotate speed 100000rpm
Protection Functions Over current, over pressure, over temperature, tuyere and other protection
Application three-phase brushless motor products


-- Highly integrated main control SOC chip, multi-channel op amp, comparator, high-speed ADC, etc., streamline peripheral circuits.

-- Non-inductive FOC control, dual resistance sampling.

-- Constant power ring or speed ring control, integrated temperature control, gear control, display function, negative ion generation control and other integrated solutions.

-- Start fast acceleration, speed up to 100000rpm, strong wind, blockage detection.

-- Over current, over pressure, over temperature, tuyere and other protection, fully through the mass production level functional performance test.

-- It is suitable for three-phase brushless motor products such as high-speed hair dryer.

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