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Detail Information

PCB Type: Rigid PCB Layer: Multi-layer
Base Material: Aluminum Base Solder Mask: White
Silk Screen: Black Surface Treatment: Lead-free HASL

Product Description


PCBA For Touch Control Table Lamp With Three Stepless Dimming LED Supports Charging And Discharging Protection


Description Capability
PCB size 30.4mm*17.4mm
Operating voltage 5VDC
Output voltage equal to the lithium battery voltage
Charging current about 500mA
Lithium battery input 3.7V polymer or single 18650 lithium battery
Input method Micro Android USB, pad welding wire
Charging indicator charging red light, full green light
Output ports LED+, L1-, (L2- not connected)
Touch output single touch, output 1
Load current infinite current, equal to the lithium battery itself discharge current
Dimming range 1-100%
Sensing mode capacitive human touch sensing
Induction penetration 0-3mm (customizable sensitivity)


-- Single output, stepless dimming, third dimming, pure switch optional.

-- Intelligent conversion: Insert USB or pad input 5V automatically converted to external power supply, battery does not output, only charging.

-- Smooth dimming and switching, output frequency above 20KHz, without any stroboscopic.

-- Capacitive human touch sensing, strong anti-interference, high sensitivity, long service life.

-- Working mode:

  Single-channel stepless mode: Short touch - on/off; Long touch - stepless dimming; Live memory last brightness.

  Single-way three-gear mode A: Short touch brightness is successively: low -- medium -- high -- Off -- Cycle.

  Single-way three-gear mode B: short touch brightness is successively: high -- medium -- low -- Off -- Cycle.

  Single-way pure switch mode: short touch state is successively: on -- off -- cycle.

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