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PCB Type: FPC ( Flexible PCB) Layer: Double Layer
Base Material: Alumium Bas Solder Mask: White
Silk Screen: Black Surface Treatment: Lead-free HASL
High Light:

Aluminum Base Flexible PCBA


HASL Flexible PCBA


Double layer flexible pcb boards

Product Description

Alumium base flexible PCBA for Horticultural LED lighting supports three-colour Phototherapy facilitation



Description Capability
Board thickness 0.2mm (±0.03mm)
Dielectric constant PI 3.5, AD 3.9
Copper thickness 35mm (1OZ)


The PCBA is a circuit board assembly that integrates a trichromatic light source and a therapy enhancement function, specifically designed for the horticultural field. The PCBA adopts aluminum-based soft plate as the substrate material, which has good heat dissipation and flexibility.


Key features and functions of the PCBA include:


-- Three-color light source: The PCBA integrates three different wavelength LED light sources, usually red, blue and white. These light sources are widely used in different stages of plant growth to provide suitable spectral illumination.


-- The therapeutic facilitation function: the PCBA's tricolor light source provides a specific wavelength of light, which can promote the growth and reproduction of plants. Red light helps plants bloom and fruit ripen, blue light enhances plant growth and leaf formation, and white light provides full spectrum lighting to complement the different spectra required by plants.


-- Aluminum based soft board: The PCBA uses aluminum based soft board as the substrate material, which has good heat dissipation and flexibility. Aluminum-based materials can effectively dissipate heat, ensure the stable operation of LED light sources, and extend their life. At the same time, the flexibility of the soft board allows the PCBA to adapt to different shapes and sizes of horticultural lighting designs.


-- High energy efficiency: LED light source has high energy efficiency characteristics, can provide high brightness lighting effect, while saving energy consumption. This enables the PCBA to provide a significant phototherapy boost in horticultural lighting applications while reducing energy costs.


-- Control interface: The PCBA usually has a control interface, such as PWM (pulse width modulation) interface or programmable interface, used to adjust the brightness and working mode of the LED light source. This allows the user to perform precise light control according to the plant's needs and growth stage.


In summary, the tricolor light therapy facilitated gardening LED lighting PCBA uses aluminum based soft board as the substrate material, integrating the tricolor light source and therapy facilitated function. It is able to provide specific wavelengths of light to promote plant growth and reproduction in the field of horticulture. With its energy efficient, flexible and adjustable control interface, the PCBA is suitable for a variety of horticultural lighting applications, including greenhouse cultivation, houseplant cultivation and flower breeding.


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