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Detail Information

Type: Multi Layer PCB Copper Thickness: 1.6mm
Surface Finishing: Gold Plating Base Material: FR4
Layers: 1-28 Function: Signal Transmission

Product Description

Customized One-Stop Service Multi layer PCB Power Inverter PCB For Blender PCB Board Prototype PCBA


Description Capability

Number of Layers


Board Thickness


Board Size


Min. Hole Size


Min. Line Width


Min. Line Spacing


Base Material

FR4, High TG FR4, High Frequency, Alum, FPC

Copper Thickness


Min Hole Size




PCB Standard

IPC-II Standard


Customized One-Stop Service for a Multi-layer PCB Power Inverter PCB for a Blender PCB Board Prototype PCBA refers to a comprehensive service that provides tailored solutions for the design, manufacturing, and assembly of a multi-layer PCB power inverter PCB specifically for a blender. It aims to offer a convenient and efficient process for prototyping and producing the PCB assembly. Here's a description of the key aspects involved in this service:


Prototyping: Once the PCB design is finalized, the service provider produces a prototype of the power inverter PCB. Prototyping involves fabricating a small batch of PCBs based on the design specifications. This allows for testing and validation of the PCB's functionality, performance, and compatibility with the blender. Feedback and revisions can be made based on the prototype evaluation.


Manufacturing: After the prototype is approved, the manufacturing phase begins. The service provider handles the entire PCB manufacturing process, including sourcing the required materials, fabricating the multi-layer PCBs, and applying necessary surface finishes, solder masks, and silkscreens. The manufacturing process adheres to industry standards and ensures high-quality production.


Component Sourcing: As part of the one-stop service, the provider assists in sourcing the required components for the power inverter PCB. They work closely with trusted suppliers to procure high-quality components that meet the customer's specifications. This includes micro-controllers, power management ICs, motor drivers, capacitors, resistors, connectors, and other electronic components necessary for the PCB assembly.


The Customized One-Stop Service for a Multi-layer PCB Power Inverter PCB for a Blender PCB Board Prototype PCBA offers a seamless and efficient solution for the design, manufacturing, and assembly of a high-quality PCB specifically tailored for a blender.

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