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Detail Information

PCB Type: Rigid PCB Layer: Multi Layer
Base Material: FR-4 Solder Mask: Green
Silk Screen: White Surface Treatment: Lead-free HASL
High Light:

FR-4 flex pcb fabrication


Multi layer flex pcb fabrication


Green flexible pcb prototype

Product Description

PCBA for Alcohol tester Rigid PCB FR-4 Lead-free HASL VO board phenolic resin



Description Capability
Insulating material organic resin
Insulation layer thickness thin plate
Flame retardant properties: VO board
Processing technology electrolytic foil
Reinforcing material glass fiber cloth base
Insulating resin phenolic resin


-- The PCBA industrial control board integrates the alcohol test function for detecting the alcohol content in human exhaled breath. It contains components such as an alcohol sensor, breath mouth, sampling system and data processing circuit for accurate measurement and analysis of the concentration of alcohol in the breath.


-- Data processing and display: the data processing circuit on the PCBA is responsible for the processing and analysis of alcohol test results. It can calculate the alcohol concentration: and the results are displayed on the display screen of the device or provided to the user through other output interfaces.


-- Power management: In order to ensure the normal operation of alcohol tester PCBA industrial control board, it also includes a power management circuit. This power management circuit can monitor the power supply and ensure the stable power supply of the PCBA industrial control board to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test.


-- Safety and reliability: Alcohol tester PCBA industrial control board needs to have good safety and reliability. It may contain safety protection circuits such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and short circuit protection to ensure the safe operation of the PCBA industrial control board and the entire breathalyzer.


In short, the PCBA industrial control board is a circuit board component specially designed for alcohol detection equipment. It integrates alcohol test function and industrial control board function, can accurately measure and analyze the alcohol content of human exhaled air, and provide test results through data processing and display function. At the same time, it also has functions such as power management and security protection to ensure its safe and reliable operation.


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