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Detail Information

PCB Type: Rigid PCB Layer: Single Side
Base Material: FR-4 Solder Mask: Green
Silk Screen: White Surface Treatment: Lead-free HASL

Product Description


PCBA For IoT Smart Safe Control Board Supports Anti-Theft Alarm, Remote Monitoring, Remote Operation, Use Record


Description Capability
Real-time monitoring yes
Screen display yes
Alarm Reminder yes
Control mode APP control


--Remote monitoring and operation: Integrated IoT technology allows users to remotely monitor the status of the safe, view and operate the safe in real time via mobile app or cloud platform. This improves users' ability to manage their valuables remotely.


--Intelligent unlocking methods: Provide a variety of intelligent unlocking methods, such as fingerprint identification, face recognition, password, RFID card, etc., to meet the diversified security needs of users. Users can choose the appropriate locking method according to their personal preferences and usage scenarios.


--Anti-theft alarm system: Integrated anti-theft alarm system, when the safe is subjected to illegal invasion or vibration, it can issue an alarm and notify the user in time. This improves the security of the safe and reduces the risk of theft.


--Temperature and humidity monitoring: Integrated temperature and humidity sensor, real-time monitoring of the temperature and humidity inside the safe. Users can view this information at any time through the mobile app to ensure that valuables are not damaged.


--Intelligent Battery Management: Introducing intelligent battery management system, realizing low battery reminder, intelligent charging and other functions, ensuring that the safe can still work normally in the case of prolonged power failure or frequent use.


--Usage Record and Audit Function: Events such as unlocking, closing, remote operation, etc. are recorded each time. Through the audit function, users can view the detailed usage record. This provides additional security for scenarios such as homes and commercial premises.

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