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Application: Hotel, Commercial, Household Power Source: USB, Electric
Type: Range Hood Parts Product Name: Range Hood Control Board
Layer Counts: 1--22L Base Material: FR-4,High TG,PTFE
High Light:

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Product Description

PCBA R&D and manufacturing 4-button touch LCD display range hood control board.


Description Capability


range hood


FR4 CEM1 CEM3 Hight TG

Board Thickness


Min.Line Width/Space

50 um/60 um





PCB Design: The first step in the R&D process is designing the PCB layout. This includes determining the size and shape of the PCB, as well as the placement of components, traces, and other circuitry. The design should accommodate the 4-button touch interface, the LCD display, and all other necessary components required for range hood control.


Micro-controller Selection: A micro-controller is the central processing unit of the control board. The selection process involves choosing a micro-controller that meets the requirements of the range hood, such as processing power, memory, and peripheral interfaces. The micro-controller should have sufficient inputs and outputs to interface with the touch buttons, LCD display, and other required components.


Touch Interface: The control board incorporates a 4-button touch interface, which requires touch sensor components and associated circuitry. Capacities touch sensors are commonly used for this purpose. The touch interface circuitry is responsible for detecting touch input and sending corresponding signals to the micro-controller for further processing.


LCD Display: The LCD display provides visual feedback and information to the user. The control board includes drivers and interface circuitry to control the LCD display. This includes connecting the display to the appropriate micro-controller pins, providing power and signal conditioning, and implementing any required display control protocols.


User Interface Components: The control board incorporates the necessary components for user interaction, such as buttons or touch pads. These components are connected to the micro-controller and provide input signals based on user interactions. The micro-controller processes these signals and initiates appropriate actions or changes in the range hood's operation.


Power Supply Circuitry: The control board includes power supply circuitry to regulate and distribute power to the various components. This may involve voltage regulators, filters, and protection mechanisms to ensure stable and safe power distribution.

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