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Application: Hotel, Commercial, Household Power Source: USB, Electric
Type: Range Hood Parts Product Name: Range Hood Control Switch
Quality: Reliable Function: Removing Cooking Fumes

Product Description

High End Large Suction Kitchen Chimney Range Hood Control Board PCBA.


Description Capability




High Efficiency Grease Capture Performance



Testing Service

AOI /X-Ray /100% Function Test/Aging Test




A High-End Large Suction Kitchen Chimney Range Hood Control Board PCBA refers to the manufacturing and assembly of a specialized printed circuit board (PCB) for a high-end, large suction kitchen chimney range hood. This control board manages the various functions and features of the range hood. Here's a description of its features and functionalities:


Control Board Design: The PCB design serves as the control unit for the range hood, providing the necessary circuitry to operate and control its functions. It incorporates components such as micro-controllers, sensors, switches, display panels, and connectors specific to the range hood's features and capabilities.


Power Supply and Regulation: The PCB design includes power supply circuitry to convert the incoming AC power to the appropriate voltage levels required by the range hood's operation. It incorporates voltage regulators, filters, and protection mechanisms to ensure a stable and clean power supply to the range hood's components.


Fan Speed Control: The PCB design includes circuitry to control the fan speed of the range hood. It may include switches, buttons, or touch-sensitive controls to select different fan speeds, and sensors to automatically adjust the fan speed based on cooking activity or air quality. The PCB manages the motor that drives the fan and ensures smooth and efficient operation.


Large Suction Capability: The PCB design is tailored to handle the high suction capability of the range hood. It incorporates robust circuitry and components capable of providing the necessary power and control required for effective air extraction and filtration.


Lighting Control: The PCB design includes circuitry to control the lighting of the range hood. It may incorporate switches, buttons, or touch-sensitive controls to turn the lights on or off and adjust their brightness. The PCB manages the power supply to the lighting elements, ensuring proper illumination during cooking activities.


User Interface: The PCB design incorporates a user interface, such as an LCD display or LED indicators, to provide information and feedback to the user. It may display the fan speed, lighting status, timer settings, or other relevant information. The user interface allows users to easily interact with and control the range hood's functions.


Touch Control or Remote Control: The PCB design may include touch control functionality or compatibility with a remote control system. This allows users to control the range hood's functions conveniently through touch-sensitive buttons or a remote control device.


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