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Application: Outdoor, Hotel, Household Power Source: USB, Electric
Type: Range Hood Parts Product Name: Range Hood Control Board
Material: Customizable Uses: Kitchen Cooker Hood Accessories

Product Description

High Quality PCBA Controller Panel For Range Hood.


Description Capability


One-step Service


OEM Electronics

Supplier Type


Testing Service

AOI testing, 100% ET testing,100% FQC

Copper Foil Thickness

0.5-4oz, regular 1oz



A high-quality PCBA controller panel for a range hood refers to a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) that serves as the control unit for the range hood. This controller panel is designed to provide reliable and efficient control of the range hood's functions. Here's a description of its features and characteristics:


PCB Design: The PCBA controller panel is designed with a robust PCB layout that ensures durability and reliability. It is optimized for efficient signal transmission, reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI), and thermal management.


Power Supply and Regulation: The PCBA includes power supply circuitry to convert the incoming AC power to the appropriate voltage levels required for the range hood's operation. It incorporates voltage regulators, filters, and protection mechanisms to ensure stable and clean power supply to the range hood's components.


Fan Speed Control: The controller panel includes circuitry to control the fan speed of the range hood. It may include switches, buttons, or touch-sensitive controls to select different fan speeds. The PCBA manages the motor that drives the fan and ensures smooth and efficient operation.


User Interface: The PCBA controller panel includes a user interface that allows users to interact with and control the range hood's functions. It may feature an LCD display, LED indicators, or touch-sensitive buttons to provide information and feedback. The user interface enables easy and intuitive operation.


Control Algorithms: The controller panel may include control algorithms that optimize the range hood's performance and energy efficiency. These algorithms can adjust fan speeds based on cooking activity or air quality, implement timer settings, and provide other intelligent features to enhance user experience.


Safety Features: The PCBA incorporates safety features to ensure the safe operation of the range hood. It may include over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, and temperature monitoring mechanisms. These protections safeguard the range hood's components and prevent potential hazards.

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