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Type: Consumer Electronics PCBA Copper Thickness: 1OZ,2OZ,3OZ 4OZ 5OZ Customization
Supplier Type: PCB PCBA OEM Factory Product Name: PCBA Board Assembly
Laminate: FR-4,Halogen Free,High TG Etc Surface Finishing: OSP, HASL,Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin Etc

Product Description

Automated Fast Turn 5000W Induction Heater Infrared Rice Cooker Circuit PCB Power Board Manufacturer PCBA Technology.


Description Capability

Board thickness


Solder mask

Green,Black,Blue,Red, white etc


up to 50,000㎡/month

Blind & Buried vias


Inpendence control tolerance



100% E-Testing


IPC-A-610 E Class II-III


An automated fast turn 5000W induction heater infrared rice cooker circuit PCB power board manufacturer with PCBA technology is a specialized company that focuses on producing high-quality circuit boards for rice cookers with fast turn-around times. They employ automated processes and advanced PCB assembly (PCBA) technologies to manufacture power boards specifically designed for 5000W induction heater infrared rice cookers. Here's a description of the key aspects of such a manufacturer:


PCB Design: The manufacturer either provides standard PCB designs for rice cooker power boards or collaborates with customers to develop custom designs. The design includes the layout and placement of components, routing of signal traces, power delivery, temperature control, user interface, and safety features specific to the 5000W induction heater infrared rice cooker.


PCB Manufacturing: The manufacturer employs advanced PCB manufacturing techniques to produce the circuit boards. This includes high-precision processes such as precision drilling, copper plating, etching, and applying solder mask and silkscreen layers. The use of automated manufacturing equipment ensures accuracy and consistency in the production process.


Component Sourcing: The manufacturer sources high-quality electronic components required for the power boards. These components include power electronics, micro-controllers, capacitors, inductors, resistors, sensors, connectors, and other necessary parts. They ensure that the components meet specific criteria, including power rating, temperature tolerance, and reliability.


Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly: The manufacturer utilizes advanced SMT assembly techniques to mount surface-mount components onto the power boards. Automated pick-and-place machines accurately place the components onto the PCB, and solder paste is applied to create strong electrical connections. The PCB s then go through a reflow oven, where the solder paste is melted to form secure solder joints.


Through-Hole Assembly: If there are through-hole components required for the power boards, the manufacturer employs through-hole assembly techniques. This may involve manual or automated processes, such as wave soldering or selective soldering, to mount the through-hole components securely on the PCB.

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