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Detail Information

PCB Type: Rigid PCB Layer: Double Layer
Base Material: FR-4 Solder Mask: Green
Silk Screen: White Surface Treatment: Lead-free HASL

Product Description


PCBA Smart Trash Can Control Board With Waste Separation Reminder


Description Capability
Functional classification indoor, outdoor
Sensing mode integrated infrared sensor
Control mode Mobile phone or remote control


-- Infrared sensor to open and close the lid: Integrate infrared sensor technology to realize the function of automatic opening and closing the lid, when the user is close to it, it will open automatically, avoiding direct contact with the garbage can, improving hygiene and convenience.


-- Trash can status monitoring: Integrated status monitoring sensor can real-time monitor the status of garbage in the trash can and provide information about the filling level of the trash can, which is convenient for timely replacement of garbage bags.


-- Garbage classification reminder: Designed with a garbage classification reminder function, it guides users to separate garbage through voice or LED prompts to promote environmental protection and the implementation of garbage classification.


-- Charging treasure and wireless charging: Integrate the charging treasure and wireless charging function to make the smart trash can become a multi-functional device, which can be charged for mobile devices to improve the practicability and convenience.


-- Trash can positioning and tracking: Introducing positioning technology, tracking the location of the trash can through APP or cloud platform, preventing loss or helping users find the trash can faster when needed.


-- Intelligent remote control function: Integration of intelligent remote control function, users can control the opening and closing of the lid, lighting and other functions of the garbage can through the cell phone app or remote control, to improve the user's convenience.

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