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Detail Information

PCB Type: Rigid PCB Layer: Single Side
Base Material: Aluminum Base, FR-4 Solder Mask: White, Yellow
Silk Screen: Black Surface Treatment: Lead-free HASL

Product Description


PCBA For Home Aromatherapy Machine With 3pcs Warm Light LEDs, Low Cost But With Basic Functions


Description Capability
PCB size 57*1.6mm
Board thickness 1.6mm
Light source Warm LED*3pcs
Fan resistance 300Ω


This PCBA is designed for home aromatherapy machines with a low cost but has basic functionality.


-- Main control IC: A main control chip (IC) is integrated on the motherboard, which is used to process and control the functions of the aromatherapy machine. This master IC is usually characterized by high performance and low power consumption and can precisely control the operation of the aromatherapy machine.


-- LED indicator: The PCBA is equipped with LED indicator to display the working status and mode of the aromatherapy machine, so that users can understand the current operating status.Power interface: The PCBA has a power interface for connecting an external power adapter or battery to provide power supply to the aromatherapy machine.


-- Drive circuit: The PCBA integrates a drive circuit to control and drive the atomizer, fan and other components inside the aromatherapy machine. These drive circuits can provide stable current and voltage to ensure that the aromatherapy machine can work normally.


-- Temperature sensor: The PCBA is equipped with a temperature sensor to monitor the operating temperature of the aromatherapy machine. This sensor can help the motherboard monitor the temperature in real time and take protective measures when the temperature is too high to ensure safe operation.


Overall, this home aromatherapy PCBA has the main control IC, buttons, LED indicator, power interface, drive circuit, temperature sensor and communication interface and other functions. It can provide stable control and management functions to ensure the normal operation of the aromatherapy machine and the user's comfortable experience.

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