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Type: Home Appliance PCBA Copper Thickness: 1OZ 2OZ 3OZ 4OZ 5OZ
Supplier Type: Custom Product Name: PCBA Board Assembly
Application: Electronics Device
High Light:

1OZ pcba board


2OZ PCB pcba board


3OZ cheap pcb printing

Product Description

Electronic products atomization water humidifier PCB PCBA board.


Description Capability

Surface Finishing



One-stop Turnkey

Base Material

FR4/ROGERS/Aluminum/High TG


FR4 /aluminum/ceramic CEM1



Copper Thickness




An electronic product atomization water humidifier PCB PCBA board refers to a specialized circuit board designed for controlling the operation of an atomization water humidifier. It includes the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and PCBA (PCB Assembly) components. Here's a description of the key aspects of this board:


Atomization Water Humidifier: The atomization water humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air by atomizing water into small droplets. It helps to improve indoor air quality and maintain a comfortable humidity level. The PCB PCBA board is specifically designed to control the various functions of the humidifier.


Control Circuit: The control circuit is the central component of the PCB. It typically includes a microcontroller or other control circuitry that regulates the operation of the atomization process, such as controlling the water atomization mechanism, adjusting the mist intensity, setting timers or schedules for operation, and monitoring humidity levels.


Power Management: The PCB incorporates power management circuitry to regulate the power supply for the atomization water humidifier. It includes components such as voltage regulators, current control mechanisms, and protection circuits to ensure safe and efficient power distribution to the various components of the humidifier.


Atomization Mechanism: The PCB controls the atomization mechanism, which is responsible for breaking down water into small droplets for dispersal. This mechanism can be achieved through various methods such as ultrasonic transducers, nebulizers, or other atomization technologies. The control circuit ensures efficient and consistent atomization for effective humidification.

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