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PCB Type: Rigid PCB Layer: Multi-layer
Base Material: FR-4 Solder Mask: Black
Silk Screen: White Surface Treatment: Lead-free HASL
High Light:

FR-4 Multi Layer PCB


HASL Multi Layer PCB


Multi layer pcba board

Product Description


PCBA Manufacturer Design Layout Air Purifier Printed Circuit Multi Layer PCB PCBA Board For Household Appliance


Description Capability


Smart electronics PCBA

Supplier Type Custom made

Copper thickness


PCB Assembly process



A PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) manufacturer that specializes in designing and assembling multi-layer PCBs for air purifiers and other household appliances plays a crucial role in creating reliable and efficient electronic systems. Here's a description of their process and capabilities:


Design and Layout: The manufacturer employs experienced engineers who specialize in PCB design and layout. They work closely with the client to understand the specific requirements of the air purifier and the desired functionality. Using computer-aided design (CAD) software, they create the layout for the printed circuit board that will serve as the foundation for the PCBA.


Multi-layer PCB: Air purifiers often require complex electronic systems to handle various functions such as sensor inputs, fan control, display interfaces, and connectivity options. To accommodate these requirements, the manufacturer designs multi-layer PCBs. Multi-layer PCBs consist of multiple layers of copper traces separated by insulating material, allowing for a higher density of components and more efficient routing of signals.


Component Placement: The manufacturer carefully selects the appropriate components based on the air purifier's specifications and performance requirements. They consider factors such as component size, power requirements, and thermal considerations during the placement process. Advanced CAD tools are used to optimize the component placement to ensure efficient signal flow and minimize noise.


Signal Routing: The manufacturer employs advanced routing techniques to ensure the proper flow of signals between components on the PCB. They consider factors such as signal integrity, impedance control, and noise reduction during the routing process. Critical signals are given special attention to minimize interference and ensure reliable communication between components.


Thermal Management: Air purifiers often generate heat, particularly in the presence of fans or other cooling mechanisms. The manufacturer incorporates effective thermal management techniques during the PCB layout to ensure proper heat dissipation. This may involve the placement of heat sinks, thermal vias, and copper pours to dissipate heat efficiently and prevent component overheating.

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