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PCB Type: Rigid Board Layer: Multi Layer
Base Material: FR-4 Solder Mask: Green
Silk Screen: White Surface Treatment: Lead-free HASL
Service: One-stop Service Type: Integrated Circuit Custom
High Light:

PCB pcba manufacturer


FR-4 pcba manufacturer


HASL pcb manufacturing

Product Description


Professional PCB&PCBA manufacturer Customized PCB&PCBA board 40W lithium battery pack charger with display


Description Capability

Surface Finishing

HASL Lead Free

Product name

PCB & PCBA Design service


Electronic Products

Supplier Type



A Professional PCB&PCBA manufacturer specializing in customized PCB&PCBA boards can provide a solution for a 40W lithium battery pack charger with a display.


Here's a description of the key aspects of this customized PCB&PCBA:


PCB Design: The PCB design is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the 40W lithium battery pack charger. It includes the necessary components, such as charging circuitry, voltage regulation, display driver, communication interfaces, and protection features. The PCB layout ensures proper trace routing and component placement to optimize performance and reliability.


Lithium Battery Charging: The PCB incorporates charging circuitry designed specifically for lithium battery packs. It takes into account the charging characteristics of lithium-ion (Li-ion) or lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and implements a suitable charging algorithm to ensure safe and efficient charging. The charging circuit may include features such as constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and temperature monitoring.


Display and User Interface: The PCB includes a display and user interface to provide relevant information about the charging process. The display can show parameters such as charging status, battery voltage, current, and remaining charge percentage. The user interface may include buttons or a touch panel for user interaction, allowing control over charging modes or settings.


Communication Interfaces: The PCB may include communication interfaces such as USB, UART, or I2C to enable external communication with other devices or systems. This allows for data transfer, firmware updates, or integration with external monitoring or control systems.


PCB Manufacturing and Assembly: The PCB design is manufactured and assembled by the professional PCB&PCBA manufacturer. They fabricate the PCB according to the design specifications, including the selection of appropriate materials, trace routing, and copper layering. The components, such as resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, and connectors, are carefully assembled and soldered onto the PCB to ensure proper functionality.


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