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PCB Type: Rigid PCB Layer: Multi Layer
Base Material: FR-4 Solder Mask: Green
Silk Screen: White Surface Treatment: Lead-free HASL
High Light:

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Product Description


 Aroma Diffuser Control Board With Provide PCB Assembly ODM&OEM Service


Description Capability

Testing service

AOI X-Ray Function Test

Board thickness 1.6mm



Copper thickness

2 oz


Aroma diffuser control board with PCB assembly ODM&OEM service refers to a specialized circuit board designed for controlling the operation of an aroma diffuser. The manufacturer or supplier of this control board offers Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services, providing customized PCB assembly based on the specific requirements of the customer. Here's a description of the key aspects of this offering:


Aroma Diffuser Control Board: The aroma diffuser control board is the main component of the product, responsible for regulating the various functions of the aroma diffuser. It typically includes a microcontroller or other control circuitry that manages the diffusion process, such as controlling the release of aromatic oils or scents, adjusting diffusion intensity, and setting timers or schedules for operation.


PCB Assembly: The manufacturer or supplier offers PCB assembly services, which involve the fabrication and assembly of the control board. This includes sourcing and mounting electronic components, soldering, and ensuring the proper connection of all circuit elements on the PCB.

ODM Service: ODM service means that the manufacturer provides Original Design Manufacturer services, which involves designing and developing the control board based on the specific requirements and specifications provided by the customer. This allows customers to have a customized aroma diffuser control board that meets their unique needs and branding.


OEM Service: OEM service stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means that the manufacturer produces the control board as per the customer's design and branding requirements. The manufacturer uses the customer's design and specifications to manufacture the control board while providing expertise in PCB assembly and ensuring high-quality production.

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