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Type: Home Appliance PCBA Copper Thickness: 4oz
Service: PCB Fabrication, Components Sourcing, PCB Assembly Testing Service: AOI , Functional Testing ,flying Probe Testing, E-testing, X-Ray
Surface Finishing: HASL ,OSP ,ENIG, Immsersion Gold ... Product Name: OEM Electric Fire Pump Controller PCBA Board
High Light:

4oz pcb board assembly


home appliance pcb board assembly


HASL pcb board manufacturer

Product Description

Induction Heater PCBA Induction Cooker PCB Board Assembly China Manufacturer.


Description Capability

Product name 

OEM Electric Fire Pump Controller PCBA Board

Usage 1

consumer electronics, telecommunications
Usage 2 industrial products, auto mobile assemblies, medical equipments

Surface Finishing 

HASL ,OSP ,ENIG, Immsersion Gold ...


PCB fabrication, components sourcing, PCB assembly

Copper Thickness 

4 oz


home appliance PCBA



An Induction Heater PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) or Induction Cooker PCB Board Assembly refers to the electronic control board that manages the operation of an induction heater or induction cooker. It is responsible for controlling the power supply to the induction coil, regulating the heat output, and providing safety features. Here's a description of the key aspects of an Induction Heater PCBA or Induction Cooker PCB Board Assembly:


Induction Coil Control: The PCBA controls the power supplied to the induction coil, which generates the magnetic field used for heating. It manages the frequency, current, and voltage supplied to the coil to achieve the desired heat output.


Power Regulation: The PCBA regulates the heat output of the induction cooker. It incorporates temperature sensors to monitor the cooking vessel's temperature and adjusts the power supplied to the induction coil accordingly to maintain the desired cooking temperature.


Safety Features: Safety is an essential aspect of an Induction Heater PCBA. The assembly includes various safety features to protect against overheating, short circuits, or other potential hazards. This can include overheat protection, over current protection, fault detection mechanisms, and automatic shut-off functions to ensure safe operation.


Power Management: Efficient power management is crucial for induction cookers to optimize energy consumption. The PCBA may include power management features such as standby mode, energy-saving modes, or power factor correction circuits to improve overall efficiency.


PCB Design and Components: The Induction Heater PCBA is designed with a specific layout and arrangement of components on the printed circuit board. It includes micro-controllers, power MOSFETs, gate drivers, temperature sensors, capacitors, and other electronic components necessary for controlling and regulating the induction heater.

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