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Type: Bms PCBA Copper Thickness: 1 Oz
Supplier Type: Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board Product Name: LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board BMS PCBA
Port: Common Port, Same Port Function: Lithium Battery Protection Board
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Product Description

8 series lithium iron phosphate battery protection board 24V40A50A60A high current balance electric protection board BMS.


Description Capability

Ready Made Stocks/ Custom Made 

Yes / Yes

Board Thickness 

10mm, or custom made

Testing Service

E-Test, BGA X-Ray ,AOI


Copper / FR4

Battery Type 

3.2V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


Lithium battery protection board

Product name 

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board BMS PCBA



The 8 series lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery protection board is a component used in electric vehicles (EVs) to manage and protect the battery pack. Here's a description of the 8 series LiFePO4 battery protection board with high current capabilities and its functions:


Voltage Monitoring: The protection board monitors the voltage of each individual lithium iron phosphate cell within the battery pack. It ensures that the cells operate within safe voltage limits to prevent overcharging or over-discharging, which can lead to cell damage or safety hazards.


Overcharge Protection: The protection board includes circuitry that detects when any cell in the battery pack reaches its maximum safe voltage level. When this happens, the protection board activates a balancing mechanism or triggers a charge cutoff to prevent further charging and protect the cells from overcharging.


Over-Discharge Protection: Similarly, the protection board monitors the voltage levels of individual LiFePO4 cells to prevent them from reaching dangerously low levels. If the voltage drops below a preset threshold, the protection board disconnects the battery pack from the load to prevent over-discharging, which can damage the cells and reduce their lifespan.


Current Monitoring and Limiting: The protection board monitors the current flowing into and out of the battery pack. It ensures that the current remains within safe operating limits to prevent overheating or excessive stress on the cells. In high-current applications, such as electric vehicles, the protection board is designed to handle and limit high currents, such as 40A, 50A, or 60A, to protect both the battery pack and the vehicle's electrical system.


Short Circuit Protection: In the event of a short circuit within the battery pack or the connected electrical system, the protection board detects the excessive current and immediately disconnects the battery pack to prevent further damage or safety risks. This helps to safeguard the battery pack and the vehicle from potential hazards.


Temperature Monitoring and Protection: The protection board incorporates temperature sensors to monitor the temperature of the battery pack. If the temperature exceeds safe operating limits, the protection board can activate thermal management systems, such as cooling fans or heaters, or initiate protective measures like reducing charging or discharging currents to prevent thermal runaway or cell damage.

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