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Company Details:
Main Market: Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer
Brands: No. of Employees: 200~500
Annual Sales: Year Established: 2008
Export p.c: 90% - 100%
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Golden Triangle PCB & Technologies was founded in 2008 as a full-service China PCB manufacturer specializing in the high Mix. Low/Medium volume and quick turn prototypes for R&D. Our PCB boards are widely used in telecommunication, computer application, industrial control, high-end consumer electronics, medical treatment, etc. As well, to supply added value, we can also offer EMS services provided by our company branch in Wuhan, Hubei Province.


GT Group's version is to provide “From idea to product” for full features of electronics. We provide a one-stop service to help customers with sourcing; We are group companies that include idea design, PCB design, structure design, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, E-test fixture manufacturing, box-building in house.



Golden Triangle PCB & Technologies Ltd was founded

Business scope: Rigid PCB manufacturer with the high mix, low volume, and quick turn prototypes



Golden Triangle E-test Fixture and equipment Ltd was founded

Business scope:E-test fixture and equipment for PCB & PCBA



Golden Triangle Flex Ltd was founded
Business scope: flex pcb and rigid-flex pcb manufacturer



Yaya Software LTD was founded
Business scope: ERP system & IOT platform



Golden Triangle Smart Ltd was founded
Business scope: idea design, pcb layout, pcb assembly, components sourcing, box-building



Power X Ltd was founded for green energy


Golden Triangle Group is a comprehensive electronics company that offers a wide range of services to support customers in bringing their ideas to life and transforming them into fully functional products. Our services encompass the entire product development process, providing a convenient one-stop solution for our clients. Here is a breakdown of our services:


1. Idea Design: Our team of experienced designers and engineers works closely with clients to understand their concepts and requirements. We assist in conceptualizing and refining ideas, ensuring they are viable and optimized for the intended purpose.


2. PCB Design: We offer professional PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design services. Our skilled engineers create customized circuit board layouts, taking into account the specific needs of the product and its functionality.


3. Structure Design: In addition to PCB design, we also provide structure design services. This involves designing the physical enclosure or housing for the product, ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and meets the necessary specifications.


4. PCB Manufacturing: With our in-house PCB manufacturing capabilities, we can efficiently produce high-quality circuit boards. We utilize advanced manufacturing processes and technologies to ensure the reliability and performance of the PCBs.


5. PCB Assembly: We offer comprehensive PCB assembly services, which involve populating the circuit boards with electronic components. Our skilled technicians and modern assembly facilities ensure accurate and efficient assembly processes.


6. E-Test Fixture Manufacturing: We specialize in the manufacturing of E-Test fixtures, which are used to test the functionality and performance of assembled PCBs. Our fixtures are designed and manufactured to meet specific testing requirements.


7. Box-Building: Our in-house box-building capabilities enable us to provide complete product assembly services. We integrate the PCBs, mechanical components, and other necessary parts into the final product, ensuring a seamless and efficient production process.


8. Solar Energy: In addition to electronics manufacturing and assembly, we also have expertise in the field of solar energy. We offer solar energy solutions, including solar panel installation and system integration.


Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of services, from idea conception to the final product, ensuring that our clients' electronics requirements are met efficiently and effectively. With our expertise and capabilities, we aim to be a trusted partner in bringing innovative electronic products to market.

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