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    Description Capabilities
    1.Product Range 2-30L(HDI:1+N+1;2+N+2)
    2.Board thickness 0.2mm—7.0mm
    3.Copper Foil Inner: 6oz, Outer: 4oz
    4.Board thickness’ tolerance +/-10%—–+/-8%
    5.Material FR4, KB , PTFE, ROGERS, ARLON, ISOLA, TACONIC, IT180, Nelco
    6.Surface treatment HASL, HASL Lead free, OSP,Plating gold(1u”-50u”) ENIG(1u”-8u”) Gold Finger(1u”-50u”) Immersion silver, Immersion Tin(0.8-1.5um)
    7.Size of finished product Min: 10*10mm, Max: 1200*500mm
    8.Min. mechanical via holes & pad Holes: 0.2mm/pad: 0.4mm
    9.Min Laser drilling holes & pad 0.1mm, pad<0.1mm
    10.Min. hole tolerance +/-0.05mm(NPTH), +/-0.075mm(PTH)
    11.Min copper thickness of holes’wall 20um
    12.Min space of drilling holes to conductor  0.15mm(<8L);0.2(8<14);0.225mm(<=24L)
    13.Min. conductor width/space 0.075/0.075mm(3/3mil)
    14.Min size of solder PAD/Annulus Pad:0.4mm/0.3mm(Laser dill), Annulus:0.1mm
    15.Hole wall to conductor Innerlayers of multilayer 0.2mm
    16.Hole to hole edge gap 0.8mm
    17.Solder mask color & Thickness Color: Green, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Matt green Thickness: 10-20um
    18.Silk-screen color White, Black, Yellow
    19.Profile tolerance +/-0.15mm(Routing), +/-0.1mm(Punching)
    20.Min space from conductor/holes to edge 0.15mm/0.2mm
    21.Warp & twist  0.3%-0.7%
    22.Thickness of peelablemask 0.2-0.5mm (Max plugging holes: 4.5mm)
    23.Bevel angle of gold finger 20,30,45,60(Tolerance: +/-5 degree)
    24.Impedance tolerance +/-5ohm
    25.V-CUT board thickness 0.6-3.0mm
    26. Max multi-press <=3
    27.Min tolerance of milling slot +/-0.15mm
    28.Ratio of board thickness/holes size 12:1